Psalms for Beloved

April 9, 2013

Psalms for Beloved


This poetry project is now available as a pdf or softcover book! I did all the work, and I’m happy with how it turned out. Enjoy! The book may be purchase on Follow the link above.


project complete

December 26, 2009


poetry project 2009 has now finished. one solar year of a poem each day. i am now collecting the work for editing into a manuscript for publication.

poetry project 2010 shall begin sometime in 2010.


towards the one

sun born

December 25, 2009

The sun is born,
all nature sings in joy,
and i marvel at the past rotation,
knowing well it was good.

A new solar year is just begun,
we are at the start,
and all come before is done,
reality here engaged.

On the fringe of the unfolding,
love expanding,
all evolving,
and i am happy to be alive,
love resonating deep inside–
beloved holds my hand;
we travel onward.

full cycle

December 24, 2009

On the eve of sacred birth,
wisdom shines above,
and clapping in appreciation,
we cheer love’s graceful satisfaction.

A full cycle intent on love,
awake to all the wheel,
my gaze relaxed in sweet repose,
conscious of the feel,
and all put down as heart dictates,
journaling lover’s ride.

Built up potential now releasing,
racing down the hill,
to thunder through an icy spray,
screaming toboggan run,
and rolling in fresh powder,
feeling natural force and power,
all laughing this celebration,
heartfelt exhilaration.


December 23, 2009

A second day in the hush,
while all around people rush,
and i’m inside with tranquillity,
my inner sky quiet majesty.

Clouds float by in busy swirls,
just as dramatic stuff unfurls,
and let it all wash over me,
i pray for peace with sincerity.

At the second beat comes the vertex,
a building moment just like in sex,
and i resonate this holy way,
doing my part in cosmic play.

solar pranayam

December 22, 2009

Vigil begins with sunrise as before,
during this held out breath,
for the great exhale is done,
i attend release excitedly–
a count of three,
his glorious pranayam.

My candle lit in waiting,
upon the solar round,
and he cycles through the aeon,
with us afloat in current traveling along–
during his retention i also go in deep.

This happy mark within the year,
and go–
spring compressed,
towards inhale,
awaiting the word for launch.

inward pause, as she sings

December 21, 2009

A pause in the night,
while he sleeps,
perhaps to dream our lives refreshed,
and we wait for his eyes to open,
we wait for him to rise reborn–
alert to all events,
his lover sings quietly her lullaby.

Great singularity does his thing,
as shining jewels align,
and i go inward,
taking inventory,
gathering all together–
to watch for signs,
as my love sings softly in the night.

On through the dark we go,
on through the holding time,
held in quiet kindness,
for this period is solemn,
an occasion to rest–
i pay attention how i can,
absorbed in love’s easy melody.

returning promises

December 20, 2009

Returning joy in heart of winter,
a solar journey completes,
comes new opportunities,
comes soft rest ahead of joyful dawn,
and bear’s great promise a transformation within eternity,
a renewing warmth as past night recedes–
into the light we go.

That does feel better,
more towards a comfort,
i remember inevitability in mystery of spring,
for as wolf swallows up the sun,
only by three days may he hold,
then delightful celebration–
i commit to embrace the change.

My heart a fertile soil blanket covered lovingly,
held protected by regalia,
a perfect preparation,
and though all is quiet in the cold,
soon phoenix comes again swooping in the sky–
she will dance on green fields,
oh yes.

cosmic aching time

December 19, 2009

Comes again a constricting ache of falling consternation,
fear’s damp chill coupled with searing heat of shadowy frustration,
recurring pain that ebbs,
when caves the chest a curling crush,
and with images to flood the mind,
the story told of heartbreak,
whispers of ugly worth–
this is hopelessness,
a place approached during the long dark night,
where beloved frowns with any expedition.

When treads great light in such forsaken region,
the cold place of flagellation,
where dance demons fell mortification,
her anger grows a quick vexation,
to reach out while love slips away,
and her claws dig deep to pull me back,
ripping hope into the light–
love roars triumphant.

Darkness howls in frustration,
each time love enters the battlefield,
each cycle broken results a shift in how it is,
and note well the rhythm within,
how echoes well this flow,
a match with cosmic dance–
winter days grow short,
solstice comes again,
light emerges from the dark,
love shines evermore.

an upgrade

December 18, 2009

You know my self-image could use an update,
running as it does on obsolete assumptions,
and a simple recall of past to present concludes,
that change has occurred,
most notably in my heart,
my perception of heart,
perception of perception–
good lord i have a heart!

You know i observe that something observing,
it runs interactive with self-image,
quick to criticize,
and this conscious space,
witnessing light,
to behold that crumbling constructed cop,
outdated in denial–
an upgrade must be willed,
willed under power of love.

You know my upgrade is an evolution,
a loving response to spiritual growth,
and though the noisy beast shall taint ever the new reflection,
my heart is strong in peace,
awareness space expands,
that harsh monster tamed–
now you know.